Domestic Manufacturer of Shirts and Uniforms

Canadian-Made Apparel Inc. is a high quality contractor to the Apparel Industry.
We generally operate on CMT (Cut, Make & Trims) basis where the customer provides the fabric.

Our present product specialties include Mens, Womens, Childrens:

  • Dress Shirts
  • Sport Shirts
  • Uniform Shirts
  • Flame Resistant Shirts
  • Pants
  • Knitwear – t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts
  • Outerwear

We can supply many styles and fit options or make to customer specifications.
Our Gerber PDS system enables us to also develop a full range of:

  • Custom sizes and products


Many thanks to the volunteers who helped to build CANADIAN- MADE APPAREL INC.

  • volunteer unemployed Employees who helped every day to physically relocate the entire factory and all its machinery after the closure of the Forsyth Shirt plant: Kelly Droppo, Kim Fisher, Richard Mitkiewicz, Quang Tran, Lori Walters, Ina Stagl, Tony Reis, Anh Chiem, and Binh Dang.
  • Kelly Droppo and Kim Fisher who restructured and reconstructed the entire Operational Department of the new Company.
  • volunteer Customers who helped to relocate the factory on their own weekends: Clay, Dave, Walter.
  • Customers who pledged continued commitment to uniforms and apparel Made in Canada including Forsyth, Tim Hortons, Ago, Wearwell, and Sobeys.
  • Suppliers who worked with us to ensure workable terms and conditions for the new start-up Company.
  • the owners of Forsyth who provided guidance and shared their employee resources for a smooth transition of equipment, systems, and processes.
  • friends and relatives who provided support and contributions of help.
  • private investors who share our vision, our values, and our commitment to CANADIAN-MADE APPAREL.

On behalf of the Employees – present and future, many thanks to all, for the jobs they have helped to create!



I want to acknowledge a special recognition to Binh Dang and Anh Chiem who personally sourced and then presented Kelly and I with the new official Company reception sign.

Their accompanying card reads:

You had a plan, you accepted the challenge, you took the risk. You aimed for success, you kept your focus, you gave your all.
Congratulations – from Binh and Anh

We’re proud to be a part of a Company with people like Binh and Anh.
Rick and Kelly.